How to knit entrelac

Published on June 19, 2019 2 min read

Of all the great knitting techniques, lace, colorwork and cabling, the one that raises the most eyebrows in terms of difficulty is entrelac - but, as you're about to discover, it's really not difficult to knit, at all!

Nobody knows quite where and when entrelac originated, although we can make a good guess that it came from a French speaking country. Entrelac, translated from French, means 'interlaced', and entrelac knitting is a series of interlaced rectangles or squares, and triangles. It is actually a simple technique to master, as Merion discovered when Louise from our fabulous Smiles team showed her how to do it!

When Paintbox Yarns launched the Woven Wonder pillow pattern, our Smiles team had a flood of requests asking us to create a video showing how to knit entrelac - so we've made a special step by step tutorial video to show you how.

Which stitches do I need to know?

For a technique that looks so complicated, entrelac uses simple, everyday stitches. You only need to know how to knit, purl and work simple decreases (knit two together, purl two together), and you will be using a very simple short row technique - but don't worry! Louise will show you exactly how to knit each step in our video.

Meet the Woven Wonder pillow from Paintbox Yarns. Knitted in Paintbox Yarns Baby DK, this makes a beautiful 15" square cushion cover that you can work up in your own color scheme from the 25 shade palette. Interconnected rectangles and triangles create a wonderfully textured finish.

Woven Wonder Cushion in Paintbox Yarns Baby DK - Downloadable PDF

Woven Wonder Cushion in Paintbox Yarns Baby DK - Downloadable PDF

By Paintbox Yarns

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