Purl two together, abbreviated as p2tog, is for when you want to reduce the number of stitches on a purl row. Insert your needle into two stitches purl-wise and purl them together to make one stitch. Like its knitting counterpart knit two together (k2tog), p2tog is a decrease method, reducing the amount of stitches in your row to give shape and dimension to your knitting project.

Like the slip slip knit (ssk), p2tog is a primary and basic decreasing skill, perfect for beginners, as it allows you to begin shaping your work and prepares you for more ambitious projects in the future, such as jumpers, angular shawls, toys and accessories!

Before you learn your p2tog, make sure you've mastered these basic stitches...

Skills to master before you p2tog

Now you've got the hang of the basics, let's get started with the p2tog. You can use this decrease method at the beginning or in the middle of your row.

Learn how to p2tog


how to p2tog: inset needle as a purl stitch for two stitches

Insert your needle. On your purl row, take your right hand needle and insert into the next two stitches purl-wise.


how to p2tog: yarn over right needle

Yarn over. Wrap the yarn around the right-hand needle.


how to p2tog: pull loop through two stitches

Pull the loop through. Use your right needle to pull the yarn through the two stitches and drop from your left hand needle.


how to pt2og: decreases from two stitches to one

Finished! You should now have one loop on your right needle.

Using p2tog in your next project

Whether it's creating an angle in your fabric, shaping a heel or shaping a collar, with the p2tog you'll be able to get more adventurous with your knitting projects. Get ready for more complex shapes and beautiful texture!

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