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K2tog is knitting shorthand for 'knit two together' and is a simple way to decrease stitches as you work. The perfect method of decreasing for beginner knitters who want to advance to more adventurous projects, such as jumpers, cardigans, dresses and soft toys, or anything that includes right leaning decrease.

What is k2tog?

While it might sound complicated the k2tog is incredibly easy, describing the nifty technique of inserting your knitting needle into two stitches, instead of one, and knitting them together to reduce the amount of stitches in your row. While the slip slip knit (ssk) skips stitches in a row, the k2tog combines two stitches to make one. The k2tog appears in most patterns and it's one of the easiest methods to create shape and dimension to your knitting.

By adding this essential technique to your knitting skills repertoire you can graduate to a whole world of more challenging knitting projects.

Essential knitting techniques before you k2tog

Learn how to k2tog step-by-step


how to k2tog: insert through two loops at once

Insert your needle into two stitches. Take your needle as your normally would to do a knit, but instead of inserting through the top loop, insert into the top loop and the one next to it - together at the same time.


k2tog: yarn over to knit stitch

Yarn over. Wrap your yarn around the right needle like you normally would on a knit stitch.


k2tog: complete knit stitch through 2 loops

Pull through. Pull your yarn through your two loops.


k2tog: slip both stitches of left needle onto right needle

Slip both stitches off the left hand needle. There will be one stitch in their place on the right hand needle. You've knitted two stitches to make one!

Free knitting patterns using your new k2tog skills!

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