The knitted hood has been spotted gracing the catwalks from Miu Miu to Marc Jacobs this winter. This can only mean one thing: cozy unconventional crochet and knitwear is making a comeback! To celebrate the new trend we've rounded up our favorite balaclava patterns and ear-warming accessories that go beyond the humble knitted hat. Think fashionable berets, stylish headbands and more. Which look will you be channelling this season?

I Knit balaclava by Neringa Ruke

Neringa Ruke is always among the first to bring us the season’s hottest patterns, and it was no different when it came to balaclavas. Worked bottom to top, this design doubles up a strand of mohair with a worsted weight yarn for a warm and cozy knit. You’ll have this knitted in a weekend! 

  • Debbie Bliss Angel

    Debbie Bliss Angel

    72% Mohair 28% Silk, 0.9oz

Paquita Balaclava by mûmû knit

A minimalist mohair knit partnered with gorgeous textured stitches, mûmû knit takes on the balaclava trend perfectly! There’s even a mini me version for the cool kids to rock the most stylish and warming accessory.

RidingHood crochet pattern by Justtheworsted

This fashionable hood fuses a balaclava and bonnet, for a fuss free, sleek, buttoned alternative to the standard beanie. We love this bright block shade of rouge, which will give your winter closet a pop! A wonderful stash busting project with maximum impact.

Double Lined Kae Balaclava by Agnese

Going beyond the basic balaclava, Agnese brings you a design that boasts gorgeous texture with a leaf lace design. Not only is this a beautiful pattern, but it’s also double lined, meaning it’s extra snug for the colder climates!

A Parisian twist to your winter hats

Switch out your usual winter hat this season for a handmade beret! Lightweight, 4 ply beret patterns or crocheted houndstooth design - what's not to love?

  • Brigitte Beret

    Brigitte Beret

    Downloadable PDF

  • Meridian beret

    Meridian beret

    Downloadable PDF

  • Classy Houndstooth Beret

    Classy Houndstooth Beret

    Downloadable PDF

More ear-warming accessories!

There's no need to swap style for warmth with these on-trend patterns from some wonderful independent designers and well-loved brands. Quick knit headbands, cozy hooded cowls and scarves to keep you wrapped up warm.

  • Flower Headband

    Flower Headband

    Downloadable PDF

  • Amarië Earwarmer

    Amarië Earwarmer

    Downloadable PDF

  • Foxy Headband

    Foxy Headband

    Downloadable PDF

  • Checkerboard Ushanka hat

    Checkerboard Ushanka hat

    Downloadable PDF

  • "The Huggle" Hooded Cowl

    "The Huggle" Hooded Cowl

    Downloadable PDF

  • Hooded scarf in Schachenmayr Fabienne

    Hooded scarf in Schachenmayr Fabienne

    Downloadable PDF

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