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Reversible Zigzag wristlet

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I dedicate this summer pattern (sweatband or mouse wrist band) to all SUSis in the world.
For all who don't know:
SUS = Sulcus Ulnaris Syndrome
The elbow nerve is trapped, injured or defect. For recovery it needs a long time (as any other nerve, too) and the recovery can be incomplete. Muscles in hand and lower arm disappear and this also affects the use of the hand. Hand weakness is the consequence. You may be incapable of holding things.
I find this band helpful as mouse wrist band directly attached to the wrist and for me it works.
SUS is also very painful as all nerve pain is.

So I give this double knitting pattern away for free.
It would be great if you could give it your fav and maybe even a cool comment.

For everyone else this could be a great sweat band in cotton 4-ply sock yarn for the hot summer time.
Or maybe you also find this wristlet helpful as mouse wristlet.
Or a cool reversibla arm bracelet :)

Enjoy and happy double knitting!

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Independent Designer
Sandra Jäger
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