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Randia is an infinity shawl that is easy to knit and looks great in both solid and ombre yarn. The shawl is reversible, the lace pattern is done on RS while the WS is a combination of knit and purl stitches. Randia is a regular triangle starting at one corner, the pattern is repetitive and combines lace and garter stitch elements, thus giving the shawl lightness and texture. Meandering lines attract attention while garter elements serve as background to lace.

The size depends on the number of repeats of the pattern. You can also customize the shawl by using different yarns and needle sizes.

The shawl is quite easy to knit if you know some basic lace stitches – increasing, decreasing and yarnovers. It is also fun to knit, intuitive and yet complicated enough to give you a feeling of achievement. If you choose a gradient yarn you will get additional pleasure from watching the colours change.

Yarn – any ranging from light fingering to sport or even DK.

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Anna Lipinska (Yellow Mleczyk)
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Needles - any size according to the yarn you use.
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