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Freddy the Frog

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Freddy the Frog
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Product Details

I spy with my little eye…. Freddy the frog. Freddy is an expert in playing hide and seek. The dark green water helps him to disappear when he doesn’t want to be seen. Freddy is a no sew amigurumi, which means all parts are crocheted together. When you’re done crocheting the last row, Freddy will be completely finished and ready to be your next best friend to play in the rain.

You can use the squares behind each row to keep track of where you are.

A perfect gift for any frog lover out there or use it in your stories and make him a prince.

You can track your status by checking the boxes behind the pattern. It is written in a table format so it is easy to follow. In addition you will receive a free PDF which explains the techniques to crochet all the parts together.

Enjoy your pattern and leave a review if you'd like! Cheers, Diana

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