Which FREE mindful pattern should I make?

Are you on the path to wellness? Are you looking to bring peace to your makes? Are you seeking yarns to soothe your soul? We’re here to help you in your quest for mindful making. According to several studies, making can not only help with your physical health, but also your mental health. In our current chaotic climate, it’s become even more important to take time out, calm your mind, and engage in an activity that brings you a sense of peace. Making is the key, so sit back, relax, and take our quiz to find which free mindful make your mind is craving.

1. What’s your perfect way to spend a day off?

  • Giving my time. Volunteering at my local animal shelter because I love to help.

  • Getting wordsy. Reading and writing poetry. I love to express myself through words.

  • Resting. Taking it easy because my days are always so busy and tiring.

  • Exploring. Jumping out of bed for an action-filled day of adventure!

2. What is your favourite yarn to sink your needles or hooks into?

  • Chunky. Anything chunky or super chunky, so I can create amazing things quickly.

  • Acrylics. I love acrylics because I make loads of things for a fraction of the price.

  • Hand-dyed. Something hand-dyed, soft, and eco friendly is what I love to create with.

  • The whole yarn store. I love all yarn fibres, it’s the colours that really pull me in.

3. What kind of traveller are you?

  • Exploratory planner. I have to see everything! I plan and plan, then I run around places seeing as much as I can.

  • Slow and steady. I like to take things slowly. If I don’t see it all, that’s okay, I’ll see it when I visit next time.

  • Switch it all off. I’m such a busy bee in my normal life, I go on holiday to take time out and put my feet up.

  • Enriching oneself. Travelling is all about self improvement, giving something back, or finding enlightenment.

4. What binge-worthy Netflix series speaks to you most?

  • Stranger Things. It’s super moody, dark, and completely addictive.

  • The Good Place. I love all the character dynamics and the good vs. evil theme.

  • Queer Eye. I love the stories and the delightful, flamboyant style!

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s funny, light, and the episodes are short and sweet.

5. My dreams are...

  • Missing. They’re either non-existent or I can’t remember them!

  • Meaningful. They reflect the emotions I’ve been feeling throughout the day.

  • Colourful. My dreams are full of fun – sometimes zany – adventures.

  • Zen. My dreams are sweet and calm, just like the way I approach life.

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