Find fun and cute makes with 30 of the best free amigurumi patterns to crochet today. Are you looking for beginner amigurumi patterns or a more intricate delightful design? From favourite foods to childhood TV characters, you can never go wrong with a free pattern, so browse our top picks! To learn more, check out our guide to amigurumi.

Amazing animal amigurumi patterns

Some of the most popular amigurumi patterns are animal patterns and these free animal amigurumi dolls are no different! Crochet up to make a beautiful gift for an animal-lover or the kids. Create an amigurumi farm with all these amazing patterns. 

Free fun food amigurumi patterns

Fruit amigurumi patterns are a real treat to make! Foodie makes bring so much colour to produce bright, eye catching projects. Use them as soft play toys for kids or just enjoy crocheting these cuties! 

Magical amigurumi patterns

Unicorns, mermaids and outer space! Crochet a beautiful doll with these free doll patterns. A perfect gift for a birthday that the kids are sure to adore. 

Pretty plant amigurumi patterns

With these free plant amigurumi patterns, you’ll have no problems looking after these! They don’t need sunlight or watering, just a shelf to be displayed for all your friends and family to see your amazing crochet skills. 

Free festive amigurumi 

Amigurumi creations can be great decor pieces for Halloween, Christmas and beyond. Crochet up amigurumi Christmas decorations and amigurumi pumpkins for autumn. Here are just a few of the free festive amigurumi projects you can make! 

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