The LoveCrafts Show episode 20: Trusting your creativity with Marly Bird

Join Jamie and Merion on The LoveCrafts Show season one finale, along with an extra special guest, Marly Bird!

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That's right people, we're chatting to Marly Bird in the season one finale of The LoveCrafts Show! With Merion in full fan girl mode and Jamie scratching his head at some interesting knitting terms, this episode is full of fun, helpful tips and advice from a superstar designer and loads of interesting stories and insights into the wonderful world of Marly Bird.

Tips, tricks, advice and a fair amount of silliness, this is The LoveCrafts Show!

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Lots of lovely things we mentioned and extra nuggets!

Meet Marly Bird! She’s a busy maker but you can find her on Instagram, on her website or on YouTube. (1:02)

Not enough time to get stuck into the big projects? Check out this roundup of quick makes you can do in a weekend! (5:00)

Start your own making journey and check out our guide to how to crochet. (15:11)

Socks! If you’ve somehow missed our guide on all things sock knitting, you can find it here. (16:56)

Check out the Knitter's Book of Yarn recommended by Marly, or check out our guide to all things yarn! (26:57)

Check out Marly’s podcast for even more knitting and crochet chat! (39:09)

Try finger knitting or friendship bracelets like a budding young maker Marly! (45:40)

Explore Marly's patterns!

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