Portable knitting projects

Whether you're on vacation or on your morning commute, more and more of us are knitting on the go. We'll give you a run down of some of our favorite portable knitting projects, not to mention travel tips and useful accessories to take with you.

Long gone are the days where knitting was merely confined to the home! Today we knitters love a project for the road. Not only has knitting been proven to help reduce stress and improve mental health, nothing beats the satisfying feeling of dipping into a knitting project and using life's in-between moments to create beautiful crafts, including socks, hats, mittens and pretty homeware that you can gift (or keep)!

Our pick of free portable patterns

Hats, scarves, socks, projects for baby, there are endless free knitting designs you can knit up while you're on the move. We've gathered some of our top free portable knitting patterns to enjoy!

Top free portable knitting patterns

Our favourite portable patterns

We've rounded up some of our favourite portable knitting projects that you can easily pop in your bag or hand luggage. Whether you're hitting the beach or knitting during your lunch break, we've assembled some our best buys for knitting while on the move.

Portable patterns to try

Top portable accessories

From circular needles, which mean you won't be likely to elbow your fellow travel passengers, to neat travel bags to keep your WIP safe on the go, these handy accessories will help when you're knitting away from home.