How to Tunisian crochet

Published on 17 November 2020 By Emma Guess 3 min read

Ever wanted to try Tunisian crochet but didn't know where to start? Crochet superstar and author Emma Guess shows us how to Tunisian crochet with three free fabulous step-by-step tutorials from her new book!

In this tutorial you'll learn how to work the Tunisian simple stitch. From there Emma will introduce two fabulous colourwork techniques: how to make beautiful block stripes and how to stitch two tone stripes. Once you've got these under your hook, you'll be on your way to making the cosiest accessories, snuggly home decor and garments in all your fave colours!

Tunisian crochet with Emma Guess


How to crochet Tunisian simple stitch


Tunisian crochet chain step

Attach yarn to hook with slip knot and make a chain of desired length.


Tunisian crochet back bumps

Rotate chain towards you and work the following stitches into the back ‘bumps’.


Creating loop on hook

Insert hook through second ‘bump’ from hook, yarn over, pull through ‘bump’ to create a loop on your hook.


Chains on hook

Continue in each ‘bump’ till end – you should now have as many loops on your hook as chains you made.


Yarn over and pull through first loop

Yarn over and pull through ONE loop (the last loop on the hook).


YO and pull through 2 loops

Yarn over and pull through two loops.


Complete foundation row

Continue to yarn over and pull through two loops at a time till one loop remains on hook – foundation row completed (Note: the foundation row is always worked in this method unless instructed).


Second row hook under vertical bar

Working from right to left, insert hook under the vertical stitch bar keeping your hook on the front of the work i.e. not going through the back.


3 loops on hook

Yarn over and pull back under the vertical bar to create a new loop on your hook.


Continue vertical bar

Repeat in each vertical bar across until one remains.


Final stitch

In the final stitch insert your hook between the three strands of the stitch from front to back – this creates a more robust ‘edge’ stitch.


Final loop

Yarn over and pull back through to create your final loop on your hook.


Beginning row 2

Yarn over and pull through ONE loop.


Pull through two loops

Yarn over and pull through two loops.


Finishing second pass on crochet row

Continue to yarn over and pull through two loops at a time till one loop remains on hook.


Repeat steps 8-15.


Binding off Tunisian crochet 1

To bind off the top edge insert hook as per TSS, yarn over and pull through, pull the loop just made through the loop on the hook working it off the hook.


Binding off Tunisian crochet row

Repeat in each stitch across to complete your bind off.

How to Tunisian simple stitch – block stripes 


Tunisian crochet step 1

Work foundation in yarn A (pink) but omit last step of the return pass leaving TWO loops on the hook.


Changing colour in Tunisian crochet

Pick up yarn B (yellow) behind the work and yarn over with this yarn, then pull through the two loops to complete the return pass – one loop on hook in new yarn.


Working each stitch in new colour

Work each stitch on the forward pass.


Two loops on hook

Make the return pass, but omit the final step leaving two loops on the hook.


Tunisian block stripes new colour

Pick up yarn A behind the work, yarn over and pull through two loops – one loop in yarn A now on hook.


Tunisian block stripes

Repeat for each row only changing colour on the right hand side to finish each return pass before starting a new forward pass in the new colour.

How to crochet Tunisian simple stitch – two tone stripes


Tunisian two tone stripe step 1

Work the forward pass of the foundation row in yarn A (pink).


Tunisian two tone stripes 2

Yarn over with Yarn B and complete the return pass.


Tunisian two tone stripes 3

Work the forward pass with the same yarn.


Tunisian two tone stripes 4

Yarn over with yarn A to complete the return.


Tunisian two tone stripes 5

Repeat for each row only changing colour on the left hand side to begin the return pass.

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Emma learned to crochet from her mother and has been hooked ever since! Author of Beginner's Guide to Tunisian Crochet from Search Press, Emma's designs are modern, quirky and a joy to make! Check out some of her cute patterns and find her on Instagram @sylviamargaretdesigns.

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