The cottagecore aesthetic idolises the simple beauty of life. It romanticises cute cosy cottages hidden in the woods, homemade tea and snuggly jumpers, best worn curled up in front of the fire. A cottagecore lover’s dream day might consist of taking a long walk through the fields, pressing flowers between the pages of a book, baking honey cakes and making something warm and soft to wear.

How to get the cottagecore aesthetic 

As makers we love the tradition of our crafts and embracing those elements is very cottagecore! Knitting a cosy jumper, sewing your floaty floral dress, embroidering your napkins for a picnic in the meadow - all of these wonderful little things we do to romanticise the simple pleasures of life - that’s cottagecore!

To get the cottagecore look you’ll need floaty dresses in florals and fresh neutrals or earthy tones, snuggly jumpers and dreamy cardigans to waft around the house in. If you’re a cottagecore lover you’ll want to embrace the whimsical, cute toadstool decorations and kitsch homewares all inspired by the beauty of nature. What better way to embrace the cottagecore life than to make everything you need by hand?

Embrace the rural life

The new Highland Fling Collection by Debbie Bliss celebrates the beauty and landscapes of the British Isles. Jumpers and cardis with peplum hems and fluted sleeves, cosy cables and detailed colourwork - you'll be dreaming of crisp winter mornings in the Scottish Highlands!

Sew yourself the perfect dress

Want to feel like you’re living your best cottagecore fantasy? Sew yourself one of these beautiful dresses in fresh floral fabrics! 

Fabulous fabrics

Take your inspiration from the wonderful world around you when choosing fabric for your makes. Florals and whimsical woodland themes are an excellent choice, paired with fresh neutrals and earthy tones, you’ll achieve the cottagecore look in no time.

Enjoy the summer sunshine and embrace the cottagecore style

While the cottagecore aesthetic might at first seem more at home in the autumnal months, where you can cosy up in a jumper and wrap your hands around a steaming cup of tea, but there's still loads of gorgeous patterns you can make to embody the cottagecore style even while the sun is shining!

Wrap up with a snuggly jumper or cardi!

Cosiness is key to the cottagecore aesthetic so a snuggly jumper or cardigan is a must-have! Use chunky yarns and a simple stitch to whip up something quick to keep you warm.

Dreamy homewares

Cottagecore isn’t just about the clothes, invite the beautiful simplicity of life and nature into your home too with cute tea cosies and blankets to snuggle under with a good book.

Marvellous mushroom makes!

No cottagecore lover can resist the cuteness of a bright red toadstool! These adorable little makes are perfect for decorating your cottagecore inspired home with.

More cottagecore inspired makes

Once you’ve nailed the look you might want to try other embellishments or projects that invoke the same romantic vibe of the cottagecore lifestyle.

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