How to knit adorable amigurumi cuties

If you’re a sucker for all things cute and cuddly, you’re guaranteed to go crazy for the adorable Japanese art of amigurumi. 

Amigurumi are super sweet little stuffed characters that can be knitted or crocheted. While you can make them any size you want, they’re mostly small and made using fingering weight or DK-weight yarns.

Want to have a go at making your own cute characters? There are so many amazing amigurumi knitting patterns to take your pick from, from cuddly toys to desk mates and everything in between. They also make gorgeous gifts! Here are a few of our favourites to inspire you.

Awesome amigurumi animal patterns

The most popular amigurumi patterns are animals and we can totally see why – they’re simply adorable! These cutie pie critters will make a welcome addition to any little one’s toy collection, and they make an irresistible gift for grown-ups too!

  • Giraffe Knit Amigurumi Patterns

    Giraffe Knit Amigurumi Patterns

  • Sloth Knit Amigurumi

    Sloth Knit Amigurumi

  • Amigurumi Bunny

    Amigurumi Bunny

  • Amigurumi Hippo pattern

    Amigurumi Hippo pattern

  • Crochet Amigurumi Fox

    Crochet Amigurumi Fox

Delightful amigurumi doll patterns

If you’ve got children in the family, these gorgeous little amigurumi dolls make a brilliant birthday present that’s sure to be treasured forever.

  • Dani Doll Knit Amigurumi Pattern

    Dani Doll Knit Amigurumi Pattern

  • Barney bear amigurumi doll

    Barney bear amigurumi doll

Out of this world amigurumi patterns

If cuddly toys and cute dolls aren’t your kind of thing, don’t worry! Amigurumi takes on many forms, and we can’t get enough of this colourful monster and awesome robot!

  • Robot Knit Amigurumi Pattern

    Robot Knit Amigurumi Pattern

Perfect Pokemon amigurumi patterns

If you know kids that are crazy for Pokemon, grab your needles and get ready to knit a whole squad of delightful creatures for kids to collect.

  • Eevee pokemon amigurumi

    Eevee pokemon amigurumi

  • Psyduck pokemon amigurumi soft toy

    Psyduck pokemon amigurumi soft toy

  • Charmander pokemon amigurumi

    Charmander pokemon amigurumi

  • Bulbasaur pokemon toy amigurumi

    Bulbasaur pokemon toy amigurumi

  • Oddish pokemon toy amigurumi

    Oddish pokemon toy amigurumi

  • Jigglypuff pokemon toy amigurumi

    Jigglypuff pokemon toy amigurumi

Super science amigurumi patterns

Calling all wannabe mad scientists! Make the entire set of these super science-themed amigurumi for the ultimate home lab set-up. It’s a whole lot cuter (and less scary) than the real thing!

  • Amigurumi Test Tubes

    Amigurumi Test Tubes

  • Amigurumi Frothing Flask

    Amigurumi Frothing Flask

  • Amigurumi Graduated Cylinder

    Amigurumi Graduated Cylinder

  • Cold Virus (Rhinovirus)

    Cold Virus (Rhinovirus)

  • Amigurumi Boiling Flask

    Amigurumi Boiling Flask

  • Wool-bachia (Amigurumi Wolbachia Bacteria)

    Wool-bachia (Amigurumi Wolbachia Bacteria)