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What is more adorable than a crochet baby hat - a small project to welcome the little one into the family! With the softest yarns and a simple pattern, this tutorial will show you how to crochet a new born baby hat perfect for 0-3 months, and a great gift for a baby shower. We’ve also included a free crochet pattern to show you how to crochet a preemie baby hat that makes a great donation to your local hospital. 

How to make a crochet newborn baby hat

US (UK) abbreviations 

SC - single crochet (UK double crochet)

HDC - half double crochet (UK half treble crochet)

Ch - chain 

Ch2  - chain 2

Sl st - slip stitch

FPDC - front post double crochet (UK front post treble crochet)

BPDC - back post double crochet (UK back post treble crochet)

You will need: 

Crochet hook size J (6.00mm)

Chunky weight yarn (we used Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky)



how to tie a slip knot

Make a slip knot.


chain 3 and slip stitch to join

Chain 3, and sl st to join.


chain 1 and work 10 single crochets into the ring, slip to join

Chain 1 and work 10 sc (dc) into the ring, sl st to join.


chain 2 and work a half double in same space

Ch2 and work a hdc (htr) into the same space.


work 2 half double crochets in each stitch and slip to join

Work 2 hdc (htr) into each stitch, sl st to join.


chain 2, work 1 hdc into next stitch

Ch2 and work 1 hdc (htr) into the next st. Work 2 hdc (htr) into the next st and 1 hdc (htr) into the following. Repeat to end, sl st to join.


chain 2 work 1 one hoc in next 2 stitches

Ch2, work 1 hdc (htr) into the 2 next sts, 2hdc (htr) into the following st. Repeat to end, sl st to join. Work 4 rows of hdc (htr).


chain 2 and work another round of hdc

Ch2, work another round of hdc (htr).


chin 3 and work a FPDC in first stitch

Ch3 and work a FPDC (FPTR) into the first st.


work a BPDC in next stitch and alternate FPDC

Work a BPDC (BPTR) in the next st. Alternate FPDC (FPTR) and BPDC (BPTR) to create a rib, repeat to end.


slip stitch and fasten off

Sl st to join and fasten off.


Cut off the excess and sew in the ends.

Pro Tip

Add a bobble or a crochet heart for additional cuteness!

Looking for other newborn hat patterns?

How to crochet a preemie baby hat

This adorable little hat is perfect for a tiny preemie. It’s such a quick make, it is a really good choice to make for charity. Crochet as many as you can and drop them at your local hospital - they will love your donations! This tutorial uses US terminology.

You will need:

Crochet hook size D (3.25mm)

Sport weight yarn (we used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino)


how to tie a slip knot

Tie a slip knot.


ch3 and slip stitch

Ch3 and slip stitch to make a circle.


ch1 and word 10 dc

Ch1 and work 10 dc into the circle.


slip stitch into first ch1. Ch1 and 2 hdc in every stitch then slip to join

Slip stitch into the first ch1. Ch1 and work 2 hdc into every stitch, slip stitch to join.


ch1 and hoc into first stitch, 2 hdc into second and repeat.

Ch1 and work 1 hdc into the first st, 2 hdc into the second st and repeat to end of the round. Slip stitch to join.


Ch1 and hdc in every stitch. slip to join.

Ch1 and 1 hdc in every stitch, slip stitch to join. Repeat for 3 more rounds then fasten off the yarn.


change colours in crochet to add row

Change colour to contrast yarn. Slip stitch into each stitch with the contrast yarn to the end of the round and fasten off. Sew in the ends.


finished preemie hat from tutorial

And voilà!

Shop these for a beautiful baby hat

Preemie hats aren’t the only way you can help in crocheting for charity. Why not host a charity bake sale or crochet for women’s and children’s charities or animal rescue shelters?