A cuddly crochet snail - what could be better? Learn how to turn two simple crochet rectangles into the cutest little snail. Make one, make 20!

Notes: You'll need two rectangles, a pair of scissors, stuffing, a needle and black yarn (or toy eyes). The rectangles should about the same width, and one about 3/5 as long as the other. Here we chained 25 for the long one, and 15 stitches for the short one.


  • Crocheted rectangles
  • Black yarn
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing

How to crochet a snail step-by-step


Fold and fill. Fold the long rectangle, and stitch into a tube, adding stuffing as you go!


Flatten and roll. Flatten one end, secure it and roll into a spiral.


Stitch it! Stitch the spiral in place.


Fold and fill again. Fold the smaller rectangle, stitch along to make a tube and stuff, sewing the ends closed.


Sew and tighten. Sew a couple of stitches, downwards into the middle of the tube and tighten to form the antennae.


Sew it. Sew the shell onto the body. Sew in the ends.


Finish it off. Sew or stick on eyes.

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