How to crochet a Christmas robin

How tweet! Kate Eastwood's darling little robins are perfect for any Christmas centrepiece, perched anywhere around the house.

There can be nothing more Christmassy than a little Robin Redbreast and with this quick and easy pattern you can have a whole choir of them to sing you through Christmas!

They are light enough to hang on the Christmas tree or small enough to be the perfect stocking filler. For my robins I used Lana Grossa Cotone in Rot (18) and Braun (37) and a 3.5mm hook.


How to crochet a robin step-by-step


step 1

The body:  As we are starting at the top of the robins head you will be beginning with the brown yarn.


step 2

Round 1: Start by making a magic ring and DC 6 in to the circle. Join with a sl st.


Round 2: DC 2 into each stitch from the first round. 12 sts.


Round 3: DC1 and then DC 2 in to the next st. Continue this all the way around. 18 sts.


step 5

Round 4: DC2 , then DC 2 in to the next st. 24 sts.


Round 5: Work a straight round of DC. 24 sts.


step 7

Round 6: DC 3, DC2 in to the next st, all the way around. 30 sts.


Rounds 7 to 10: Work straight rounds of DC. 30 sts.

Now join in the red yarn.


step 9

Rounds 11 to 14: Work a further 4 rounds of DC. 30 sts.


step 10

You are now ready to start the decreasing that will finish off the robins body.

Round 15: DC 3 , then DC 2 together all the way around.24 sts.

Round 16: DC 2, then DC 2 together all the way around. 18 sts.


step 11

There are now just 2 further rounds before you finish the body, but I find this is a good time to add the features and begin the stuffing.


Start off by sewing a short hanging loop at the top of the body and then sew on the two wings.


step 13

To make the wings:

Make a magic ring and DC 4 in to the circle.

Join with a SL ST. Work 2 DC in to each st, 8 sts.

Work 6 rounds of DC. 8 sts. Finish off.


To make the beak I cut a diamond shape from brown felt, folded it in half to make a beak shape and stitched it on to the brown part of the body.


Place the eyes in position and secure with the plastic backs.


step 16

Then carefully stuff your robin.


And once he is plump enough work your final two rounds as follows:

Round 17: DC 1, DC 2 together all the way around. 12 sts.

Round 18: DC 2 together all the way around. 6 sts. Finish off and using the yarn end run a few gathering stitches around the bottom of the robin and pull up to close. If you need to add a final bit of stuffing do this before the you close the body up.


step 18

The final step is to add the robin's legs.

Using the brown yarn make a chain of 25, finish off.

Using a needle thread this chain strip in to the base of the robins body.

Once this is in the correct position use the yarn at each end of the chain strip to sew your bells on to each end. Finish off your yarn by threading the rest of the yarn end back up through the chain and attach it in the main body.

And there he is …… your little Christmas robin!

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