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Dave the Stash Busting Dachshund - Knit Flat & In the Round Versions

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Dave the Stash Busting Dachshund - Knit Flat & In the Round Versions
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Product Details

I've always wanted to call a dog, Dave. It just sounds so ridiculous that it works. If I had my way, I'd have a 3 dogs named Dave, Steve and Ian. The breed doesn't matter. It's the name that counts.

Back to Dave. He's a curious hound. Officially he's a dachshund - unofficially he's a sausage dog or a weiner dog. His long lost ancestors were bred to track down and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals and in the evenings would prevent draughts coming under the door. Dave is different. Dave has been bred to track down and flush out your stash. He'll find stash you thought had been eaten by moths years ago. That ball of sock wool you bought on a whim, smuggled into the house and hid in the arm of a never worn winter coat? He sniffed it out straightaway (even if your other half didn't).

Dave can be made in any wool gauge; just choose needles which are a few sizes smaller than those recommended on the label. I knitted Dave in a DK/sportweight. Suggested yarns are shown below.

Penny Connor
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18mm safety nose, 15mm googoo safety eyes, black yarn/embroidery thread, pins & row counter (optional)
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