Which March sister are you? Take our Little Women Quiz

Ever wondered which March sister you would be? If, like us, you've been swooning over Greta Gerwig's recent adaptation of Little Women you'll love this personality quiz! Whether you have the musicality of Beth, the rebellion of Jo, the curiosity of Amy or wholesomeness of Meg, take our quiz and discover which March sister shares your style!

Q1. You go to a fancy party, where do we find you at midnight?

  • Impressing everyone with your dance floor moves. (You’ve been secretly practicing at home.)

  • Catching up with your friends around the punch bowl! You want to know all the latest goss.

  • Not one for small talk! After a wine (or two) you’re ready to plan a revolution with the other non-conformists in the room.

  • Party shmarty! I’d rather chill at home. Give me PJs, popcorn and some good telly any day. Heaven!

Q2. You love putting your skills to a good cause! When it comes to paying it forward you can be found…

  • Visiting a children’s hospital, animal sanctuary or elderly persons home to spread a little joy! Whether it’s playing chess or singing a song, you like to meet people face to face and have a personal connection.

  • You always make time to help others up the career ladder! Whether it’s helping a friend with their CV or mentoring the next generation, you believe in using your experience and knowledge to empower others.

  • Creating a personalised gift hamper crammed with yummy food and useful treats for the family next door. For you, community is the most important thing! We're here for each other.

  • Organizing a charity art auction! With your business acumen and artistic friends you know you can put your creativity to good use in the name of a worthy cause!

Q3. It’s a sunny Saturday, and you find yourself free as a lark. How do you spend your time?

  • You visit the local farmers market for fresh flowers and homemade jam. You can’t wait to share with your family.

  • You jump at the chance to visit that hot art exhibition everyone’s been talking about.

  • You lock your doors and bury yourself in your manuscript! You want a first draft finished by Christmas.

  • You head to a local folk music festival with a friend. Sunshine and music is good for the soul.

Q4. How do you like to use your crafting superpowers?

  • Staying on the pulse of the latest trends by whipping up new accessories every season!

  • Deconstructing traditional patterns to invent my own creations.

  • Making beautiful handmade gifts that people will treasure forever!

  • Filling my home with cozy furnishings.

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