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Did you know there are nearly 90 different species of whale? And there will be a whole lot more if you add these fun handmade whales to the collection!

From the striking black and white orca to the cutest narwhals, we’ve got lots of small patterns to help you bring the biggest sea creatures in the world into your home! If you know someone who’s crazy for whales, or have a sea-obsessed kid in the family, these lovely little creations would make the perfect gift. 

Narwhal knitting, crochet and embroidery patterns

Is there a cuter under-the-sea creature than the lovely narwhal? Their cylindrical bodies and long tusks make crafting these little guys a pleasure.

Blue whale knitting, crochet and embroidery patterns

They might be the biggest animal in the world, but these little knitted and crocheted versions of blue whales will fit in the palm of your hand.

Humpback whale knitting and crochet patterns

We love these simple patterns for humpback whales that really show off their distinctive body shape.

Orca knitting and crochet patterns

Whether you call them orcas or killer whales, there's no denying that these majestic creatures make an impression! With their striking contrasting coloring, orcas make a great craft for using up any black and white yarn you might have needed for detailing on bigger projects.

Whale clothing for kids

If you know a little person who's mad about whales or all things under-the-sea, they'll love this hat and jumper combo!

Whale shark knitting and crochet patterns

We know that whale sharks actually belong to the shark family, but we couldn't resist including these amazing whale shark patterns in our whale round-up. They are the biggest fish in the world, after all!

Sea creatures knitting and crochet patterns

If you know a child with a fascination for all things underwater, these sets of toys make the perfect present.