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LoveCrafts, the home of Makefulness

You know that feeling you get when making? That sense of calm, the feeling of complete focus and peacefulness? The satisfaction as you work, the wonder of finishing something you’ve made? It’s a feeling we makers know so well but have never found the right word to describe it until now… let us introduce you to the wonder of Makefulness!

Makefulness: A blissfully happy state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on making, used as a therapeutic technique to lift the mood of the maker and those around them.

If you’re wondering whether this is a real word we’ve swiped from the Oxford Dictionary, the answer is nope! It’s completely made up. It’s a word we’d like to think resonates with you as a way to describe this happy state we all feel and, hey, perhaps together we can make it into the dictionary one day!

From the beauty of a bake to the art of making someone’s day as they unwrap that handmade gift. It’s the moment creativity sparks, the feeling you experience when you come to grips with those difficult cables. What’s that you’re feeling? It’s Makefulness. 

Makefulness is the common thread that unites us all, experienced by every maker, whether making every day or once in a blue moon. It’s a feeling we believe everyone should experience and it’s our mission to make it happen. It’s why we love crafts. It’s why we are LoveCrafts. 

Discover your Makefulness in 2023

Makefulness champions the benefits of crafting

As makers, we understand the true benefits of crafting - how spending time creatively brings balance, perspective and happiness. Research has shown the benefits of knitting and the positive impact crocheting can have on your mental health. Talking to our community, we can see how much crafting means to you, spending less time in your head and more time in your hands leads to a calmer you.

Discover your Makefulness with these soul-soothing FREE patterns

Makefulness is accessible to all

Anyone has the opportunity to experience the power of Makefulness. Whether it’s picking up a hook or needles for the first time, or you need help to unblock a project, we have all the tools and inspiration as well as an amazing community of crafters who are ready to lend a hand. 

Makefulness is all about you

Crafting is a hobby that celebrates all that makes us different and empowers us to express ourselves through our creations. It encourages us to take time for ourselves, celebrate ourselves and put you first! For 2023 and beyond, we’re encouraging you to discover your Makefulness through these creative moments.

Its impact is seen beyond our needles

Crafting is something we may often do alone, but its power reaches many. Whether that’s crafting for a common cause and supporting charity initiatives, giving a handmade gift to a loved one, or passing down crafting traditions and sharing time together creatively. We can all unite in the way making can have a powerful impact on those around us. 

Makefulness celebrates the joy in the small moments  

It’s that magical feeling that keeps us coming back for more. It’s that calming sigh of joy when you spend a mindful moment lost in your stitches. From the moment creativity sparks to the details of the process or choosing your color palette. It’s even that lightbulb moment you get when you finally come to grips with a difficult technique.

Whether you’re knitting up a storm, crocheting a rainbow, or simply bringing a little sunshine into someone’s day, discover your Makefulness with LoveCrafts. 

We’d love to know what Makefulness means for you! Use the hashtag #Makefulness and tag @lovecraftscom on social media.