Brioche is the stitch that most knitters are nervous to learn - but don't worry, we've got the fabulous Renée Callahan from East London Knit to show you how to do it in two easy to follow tutorial videos. Take a deep breath, and grab those needles!

Brioche is a stitch that creates a beautiful, textured, squishy rib. It's a gorgeous looking, densely warm stitch that can be worked with one or two colors, and once you can do it, you'll want to knit brioche forever!

Brioche is created by using a slip stitch, a yarnover and knitting two together, and although we don't know when it was first devised, it has been spotted in a stitch dictionary dating back to 1842. Frances Lambert's The Handbook of Needlework contained a pattern for a doughnut shaped cushion that looked just like a French brioche. Whether this is where it found its name is a mystery - in fact it has gone by many names in the past, such as English Brioche, Turkish Brioche, Reverse Lace Stitch - but these days, it is known as simply 'brioche stitch', and the striking fabric it produces, either a flashy double color finish or a single color squishy rib. There are few stitches with such drama, and it's a great stitch to add to your skills!

To make the practice swatch in Renée's video you will need some Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky yarn, and a pair of 5.5mm straight knitting needles.


Single Color Brioche Patterns

Two color brioche

Working the brioche stitch with two colors is great fun and now that you've mastered one color, you're ready to try two! Knit along with Renée to create this iconic stitch.

Two Color Brioche Patterns

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