Knitter’s Pride understand that when it comes to knitting, wellbeing and mindfulness lie at the very heart of why we love to craft. To encourage the practice of mindful making Knitter's Pride have put together a gorgeous collection of knitting needles and accessories. Every detail has been carefully chosen to communicate the heart-warming message that through craft we can achieve completeness and unity.

Knitting and mindfulness

We all know that the soothing click of needles and the satisfaction of rows and rows of stitches does wonders for calming the buzz in our busy brains. Knitter's Pride believe that knitting and mindful meditation go in hand, with three simple steps anyone can walk the wonderful path to a more mindful way of making. 

Knitting has the extraordinary potential to calm the mind - Dr Alberto Costa

Beginning with the intention to create. Whether it’s a cozy sweater you want to snuggle into, a blanket to wrap a friend in or a charity pattern to donate, before every project you set your intention to create something new.

Next we pay attention to each part of the process, the details of the pattern, the squishiness of the yarn, the feel of the needles in your hands. 

Finally, you settle on your attitude - one of acceptance. Sure, you might drop a stitch or have to frog it back when you’ve made a mistake. Wonky sleeves or droopy collars, these are all part of the process of making. Accept that it might not be perfect, but it’s still worth doing.

Through these simple steps and the Knitter's Pride Mindful collection, you’ll discover how magical the act of making can be. 

Discover the collection

In soothing shades of teal the Mindful Collection blends tranquility with practicality. With a variety of circular and interchangeable needle options, you’ll have exactly what you need for almost any project. Each expertly crafted stainless steel needle is printed with a meditative word, reminding you to breathe, believe and find peace. The collection also features a beautiful ancient unity symbol representing the search for completeness. 

Explore mindful makes

Ready to continue your mindful making journey? These patterns, projects and resources will help you on the path to achieving mindfulness. 

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