How to single crochet (sc)

Published on June 9, 2019 1 min read

If you’re a newbie to crochet you’ve come to the right place. Hopeful Honey’s handy tutorials will run you through the ABCs of crochet so you can master the basics. First up, the single crochet.

A little stitch with big impact, the single crochet (US), also known in the UK as the double crochet, is the simplest and probably the most satisfying crochet stitch, creating tight, dense material that can be used to craft anything from scarves, jumpers and beyond! Abbreviated as ‘sc’, the single crochet provides the foundation to learn more complicated crochet stitches. This basic stitch can be combined with complex patterns and textures to create more adventurous and advanced craft creations as you build your skills.

How to single crochet step-by-step


Get started. Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch.


Pull it through. Yarn over, pull yarn through stitch. You should now have two loops on your crochet hook.


Repeat. Yarn over again, pull loop through both hooks. You’ve just mastered the single crochet!

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