10 cross stitch kits to make you smile

When you smile all your happy hormones make you feel less stressed, and nothing makes us smile more than crafting! The lovely thing about cross stitching is that you get to enjoy the process of stitching, then you can display your stitch and enjoy it even more!

This jolly selection of 10 cross stitch kits is sure to make you beam from ear to ear...

Witty stitches

As well as bursting with happy colours, these Wool and the Gang kits will make you giggle every time you glance at them.

Furry friends

Is there anything more comforting than curling up right next to your furry friend? These colourful cushions make the perfect addition to your crafting corner.

Summer lovin'

The feeling of sun on your skin, the smell of flowers in the air, that ice lolly melting down your hand! There's something about summer that never fails to make us smile, so why not capture that in your next project?

Dream locations

Do you ever daydream and drift off to a place far far away? Maybe somewhere where the sun always shines, and you can spend your days peacefully crafting? If the answer is yes, then these kits are perfect for you!

Home is where the heart is

What better way to make home a happy place than by stitching up something cheery to pop on the wall?

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Grace Isobel

Grace is a self proclaimed cross stitch addict and devoted dog mum. Grace can usually be found sampling new designs and testing out crafty products for her brand Innocent Bones or curling up on the sofa with a good brew. Grace has a huge focus on the community aspect of crafting, which is why she launched her subscription box MOOD. She believes that crafting and embroidering is one of the best ways to practice self-care, and that everyone should enjoy the opportunity to get in touch with their creative side!