Crochet Club: Star baby blanket

Published on January 31, 2019

Skill level
Project time
2 hours

This week’s Crochet Club tutorial is all about keeping our tiny tots warm and toasty. This Star baby blanket is the perfect size to throw over the top of a baby car seat or pushchair, but could be made slightly bigger for a cot or crib.

The blanket is worked in simple Double Crochet (US Single Crochet) and the stars are hooked up separately and stitched on to the finished blanket, making this a beautiful and totally unique handmade accessory!

The finished blanket measures approximately 62cm x 52cm.


  • Sublime Isabella
  • 7 balls in Shadow (645)
  • 1 ball in Bloom (644)
  • Sizes 4.5mm AND 3.5mm for the blanket
  • Size 2.5mm for the stars

To make the blanket


Chain 91

Starting in the second chain from the hook work a row of DC, 90 sts

At the end of the row chain 1 and turn. Keep working rows of DC until your work measures approximately 60cm, finishing on a RS row.

Remember to chain 1 and turn at the end of each row.

Do not finish off at the end of your final row.


Round 1: Switch to using a 3.5mm hook and work a round of DC all the way around all four edges of the blanket, working 2 or 3 stitches into each corner stitch to stop the blanket from becoming out of shape.

(I found it helped to keep the edges flat by working 1 DC in each stitch on the top and bottom edge and two stitches in every alternate stitch down each side.)

Round 2: Work a second round of DC, working 1 DC into each stitch all the way around, and two or three stitches into each corner stitch if needed.

Round 3: You are now going to work the Picot border as follows;

* Sl St, chain 2, Sl St back in to the first stitch of the chain you have just worked, Sl St in to the next stitch.* Now repeat from * to * all the way around the edge of your blanket. Sl St to join at the end, finish off and sew in the ends.

To make the stars

I made a total of 23 stars for my blanket.

Using the Bloom and 2.5mm hook makes the stars as follows.


DC 5sts into a Magic Ring, join with Sl St.

2 DC into each stitch, join with Sl St.


Set up

Sl St, chain 4.

First star point: Beginning in the *second chain from the hook work a Sl St, followed by a DC, followed by a HTR. Skip a stitch and Sl St the point back to the central circle*.

Star points

*Skip a stitch, Sl St, followed by a DC, followed by a HTR. Skip a stitch and Sl St the point back to the central circle*.

Repeat from * to * until you have 5 points.

Sl St to join, finish off and sew in the ends.

Once you have made the required number of stars, lay out your blanket and position the stars as you want them. I pinned mine with safety pins to hold them in place whilst sewing each star in to its final position with a needle and thread.

Pro Tip

When sewing each star, work all the way around the edge with small stitches to ensure that each one is held firmly in place.

What a beautiful blanket!

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