26 granny square patterns you'll completely fall for!

Published on August 14, 2019 1 min read

All hail the humble granny square! One of the first designs you'll learn as a crocheter, once you find your granny square groove, they'll be no stopping you! Oh the afghans, the colorful blankets, the cute-as tops, the shopper bags - you name it, you can granny square it! Time to get your granny square groove on. Let's go!

How To Crochet A Granny Square Guide

Not-so-basic basic granny squares

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Granny Square Shoulder Bag

The only granny square bag pattern you need! SweetPeaFamily's exclusive crochet bag is a great pattern for those eager to practice their grannies. Want your bag a bit bigger? No prob-llamma, just make your granny square larger and bob's your uncle! (Or should we say Norma's your granny!).

Granny Square Shoulder Bag

Granny Square Shoulder Bag

By Sweetpeafamily

Must-make modern granny square blankets

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Toastie Toes Slippers

Have you ever seen such a stylish pair of tootsies? Nopes, didn't think so! CrochetBouquet's twist on the traditional granny square, transforms a couple of colorful granny squares into these utterly gorgeous slippers. Birthday presents, sorted!

Toastie Toes Slippers

Toastie Toes Slippers

By Crochet Bouquet

Granny squares to top them all!

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Home is where the granny is

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Babies love grannies!

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Grab a granny accessory!

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Feed your granny square imagination!

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