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See ya pineapples, we're moving on to cherries!

It’s not been long since we all went crazy for pineapples. We were stitching pineapples on anything we could get our hands on; making piles of little amigurumi pineapple characters; knitting pineapple soft toys for kids… You name it, we put a pineapple on it! 

But there’s a new hot fruit in town, and it’s here to stay (until we find another one, that is). Say hello to the sweet and juicy cherry! Best made in a pair, these rosy red little fruits make a brilliantly bright addition to your crafty to-make list. 

With that in mind, here’s some inspiration for your next super sweet cherry-themed projects!

Get started with our fab fruity tutorials

Stitch super sweet cherries

If our pineapple obsession is anything to go by, there won’t be an item of clothing without a cherry embroidered on it soon! We can imagine these little cherries looking great on an old denim jacket or a pair of jeans, or delicately embroidered onto the breast of a white t-shirt for a fun and fruity twist!

Make cute stuffed cherries

These super cute little stuffed cherries make great stash busters. Hang them on a keyring, stitch them onto a basket or bag or just pop them in the fruit bowl!

Brighten up with cherry accessories

Give your outfit a flash of cherry brightness with these fab patterns. The scarf might be for kids, but we can’t guarantee we won’t be wearing it in colder weather!

Don’t forget sweet yarns!

Gorgeous cherry red, brilliantly bright green and a hint of brown for the stalk – it’s all you need in your stash to create fun and fruity cherries! If you’ve not got the shades in your stash, we’ve got your back. Paintbox DK is perfect for little amigurumi cherry characters, knitted cherries and more.