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Two fabric bookmarks resting on books

This simple project is a fab way to use up small pieces of fabric, and create a thoughtful gift for the book lover in your life. The hand embroidery is great for beginners to try; you could add your own favourite quote or personalise it with a name!



Front and back pieces showing interfacing ironed into place

Cut out two rectangles of fabric measuring 7cm x 19cm, and a piece of interfacing 5cm x 17cm and iron the interfacing onto the piece of back fabric, 1cm from each edge.


Close up of pen marked embroidery design

Using the Pilot Frixion pen draw your embroidery design onto the front piece of fabric.


Close up of embroidery over pen marks

With the Perle thread, embroider the text using back stitch. Try to avoid using a knot on the back, instead work over the loose ends with your stitching.


Removing pen lines with a hot iron

With a hot iron or a hairdryer, remove the pen marks. (Pilot Frixion Pen lines disappear with heat!)


Fabric pinned together before sewing

With right sides together pin the front and back pieces together and leave an 8cm gap to turn through.

Pro Tip

To add a ribbon loop for the tassel use an 8cm piece of narrow ribbon folded over and sandwich it between the fabric layers, at the top part of the bookmark.


Sewing machine foot on the fabric

Sew around the edge of the interfacing using a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Back tack at the opening.


Close up of the trimmed corners of the bookmark

Snip the corners of the book mark and trim the thread.


Bookmark turned the right way round

Turn the bookmark the right way round, use a pointy tool such as a knitting needle to push the corners out. Firmly press the bookmark.


Close up of topstitching in black thread

Top stitch around the edge of the bookmark, 3mm from the edge, closing the turning gap as you go.


Embroidery thread wrapped around card to make tassel

To make a tassel wrap embroidery thread around a piece of card 7cm wide. Tie the thread together at one end and remove from the card. Tie the same end to the ribbon loop on the bookmark and using another short length of thread, tie the tassels together 1cm from the end. Trim the ends of the tassel and you’re finished! Time to put the kettle on and sit down with a good book.

Two fabric bookmarks embroidered in black thread, resting on an open book. One reads 'Do Not Disturb, I'm reading', the second one reads 'Just one more page'

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