Learn how to knit gorgeous little bobbles of joy with this fabulous popcorn stitch tutorial. Perfect for giving pops of bobbly texture to your scarves, hats, jumpers and beyond!

While it might look like a tough kernel to crack, popcorn stitch is so easy and addictive once you know how. It's just a case of knitting and purling stitches into the same stitch to create a little bundle. There are two or three methods for this (called popcorn or bobble stitch) but this tutorial will introduce you to the easiest way to create bubbly, bobbly irresistibly moreish makes you can't get enough of!

Learn how to knit popcornstitch

How to knit popcorn stitch step-by-step


step 1

Arrive at the point in your row where you'd like your bobble: k, p, k, p into the same stitch loosely.

Pro Tip

The number of knit and purls into the stitch determine the size of the popcorn bobble.


step 2

Knit along your row to where you'd like to make your next popcorn stitch and repeat.


step 3

Knit to the end of the row and turn your work.


step 4

On the next row, purl along until you reach your first bobble.


step 5

Purl all the extra loops together to complete the bobble and then continue to purl along your row to the next popcorn stitch.


step 6

Purl together the extra loops of the stitch and purl to the end.


Repeat for as many rows as you like!

What to make with popcorn stitch

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