Can you help us make the most inspiring blog in the world? (and what happened to the old blog)

Do you remember the days of crochet before the big ol’ giant that is the internet?

Inspiration for your next project came in the shape of a feature in Good Housekeeping, a pattern brochure, and a chat with your best friend Fiona about their latest crochet masterpiece.

Now, when you need some advice, where do you turn? Google of course! (Sorry Fiona, we still love you and your masterpiece ramblings).

With the rise of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,’s much easier to master the magic circle, find like-minded crafters around the world (you’ve heard of our community right?), and search thousands of yarns, all in just one click!

We launched LoveCrochet on a simple mission to harness this technology and spread the joy of making. Where better to do that than on our blog?

For a long time our blog has been the lifeblood of our content, and it’s thanks to you, our lovely makers, and all your kind comments, that we’ve felt inspired to write more, make more and share more.

But our blog was looking and feeling a little tired, and the word ‘blog’ just doesn’t cut the mustard in this crafty, creative world we inhabit.

Cue our brand new (and very shiny) Inspiration hub!

Say hello to our new Inspiration hub

We’ve been beavering away to create a home for all your crochet inspiration. It looks nicer (if we say so ourselves!) and you can more easily browse and discover patterns and new designers as you read - check out our cozy Guide to crocheting for Christmas and you’ll see what we mean.

We’re saying goodbye to the old blog. (So long!) But don’t worry, we’re bringing the best of the old posts with us. It’s going to take us a little bit of time to move house, so bear with us, while we do some whizzy things (powered by cake) behind the scenes.

This new Inspiration hub is a place for you. A place you can watch crochet tutorials, find the ultimate guide to crocheting with Bella Coco, feel inspired by 10 free Christmas crochet patterns, hear about the latest happenings in the craft world and read incredible stories from you, our makers.

But we want your help.

Can you help us create the most inspiring blog in the world?

What articles would you like to see more of? Which tutorials would you like to watch? And what-on-earth should we call this wonderful world that connects our nutty tribe of makers - Craftiverse? Craft Club? Pirates of the Craftibbean? (Special thanks to Faith in the office for that one!).

So, we’re asking you to help us decide on the future of this new Inspiration hub! All we need is 3 minutes of your time to answer this questionnaire, and hey presto! Together we can build an inspiring home for crafters around the world to learn, share and make.

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