Would you like to be featured on our Inspiration hub, in our emails or on our awesome social channels? We’ve shared our upcoming Inspiration themes and now here’s how you can take part! Pick the themes that tickle your crafting fancy, then choose how you’d like to get involved!

1. Share your collection

Never created a collection on LoveCrafts before? Read our guidelines on how to create a collection

  • Fill it with things specific to one of the inspiration themes

  • Add at least 15 patterns / materials in the collection

  • Make it unique, inspiring, and authentic - we want to see your personal take on the theme

  • Give it a relevant and original collection title e.g. This: The cutest embroidery cat patterns Rather than this: Untitled Board 1

2. Share your project

Feeling inspired to make? Upload your knitting or crochet project to the community OR share your project on social #LoveCrafts.

  • Give your project a lovely description - what inspired you to make it, who’s it for? What were the challenges?

  • Use the hottags if relevant!

  • Tell us the yarns/ materials/ patterns you used

3. Share your editorial idea

Have you got a tutorial you’d love to write down? Perhaps you’ve got some tips and tricks for happier, healthier crafting you’d love to share? Whatever your feature idea is, we’re always on the lookout for contributors to write an article for our Inspiration hub.

How it works: 

  • Share a title for your post idea, with a short blurb summarising what it would be about (max 100 words)

  • If you’ve got an example of something you’ve written previously, include a link

  • Share your social handle or LoveCrafts Maker profile if applicable

  • Leave your name and email address for us to contact you

  • If we like your idea, someone from our editorial team will be in touch!

We will do our best to reply to everyone, but if you don’t hear from us within a month, unfortunately we can’t take your idea further. We still think you are a shiny superstar for reaching out, so keep shining!

Pro Tip

Pictures paint a thousand words! If you're sending us photos for your article, they'll need to be 1200 pixels wide. We love a mixture of portrait and landscape photos too.