How to crochet a festival sunhat + free pattern!

Published on 11 August 2021 By Quayln Stark of QUOE 3 min read

 Summer is well underway, let's make a hat to keep the sun away!

With summertime comes new and exciting trips outside for sunny adventures! Whether you are planning on a stroll at the beach or a vacation to a festival, you need to keep your skin safe! With that comes plenty sunscreen, shades, and a sunhat. You can grab the first two at any local market, but can definitely make your own hat for that extra me-made flair!

Grab your favorite hook and some unique raffia paper yarn for this quick crochet sun hat pattern that you can hook up in an afternoon! 

Here’s what you need, and how to do it;


Download the Sunhat Pattern!

Starting the Crown


Note; This pattern is written in US terminology. Holding 2 strands of yarn, begin by forming a magic ring. Single crochet 6 stitches into the magic ring and pull tail end tight to secure. If you want to avoid a round joining line, add a stitch marker here to indicate the end of this row. if not, slip stitch to the first single crochet of the round and chain 1.


For the second round, single crochet 2 stitches into each of the 6 stitches from the first round. You will have 12 stitches. Either slip stitch into the first stitch of the round or move up stitch marker before continuing to round 3.


Round three goes as follows; *(Single crochet 2 in the next stitch, single crochet 1 in the next stitch). Work from * six times. You will have 18 stitches. Finish this round as round 2.


Rounds 4-10 follows the established increase pattern. There will be 6 increases per round until round 10 is complete. Round 10 will end with 60 stitches. Refer to the downloadable pattern for a round by round breakdown if needed.

Working the Body


Round 11 begins the body of the sunhat. Work a single crochet into each stitch around. You will still have 60 stitches for each body round. Either slip stitch into the first stitch of the round or move up stitch marker before continuing to round 12.


Rounds 12-22 will follow the same patterning as row 11. Simply crochet in each stitch around and finish your round in your preferred finishing method before beginning round 23.

Working the Brim and Finishing


Begin round 23 as round 10, with 6 increases placed evenly around. in this case, you will work the round as follows; *(Single crochet 2 stitches in next stitch, single crochet 1 in next 9 stitches). Work from * six times.


Continue working in the established brim pattern for 14 more rounds, completing 37 rounds in total. be sure to increase by 6 stitches every round. For a detailed breakdown of each round, refer to the downloadable pattern.


Fasten off yarn and weave in all ends. Place hat on flat surface. Do not wet block hat. If you see that your hat is slightly warped along the brim edge, lightly steam block hat flat.

Now we’ve completed our sunhats! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful renditions! Color blocking, striping, and adding beads or sequin accents will take this simple hat recipe to the next level! Be sure to tag Lovecrafts and I in any posts so we can see what you create using #BPSunhat! 

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