How to make a knitted or crochet poppy wreath

Why not make a knitted or crochet poppy for Remembrance Day? For those that want to get creative with their poppies this year, we have created a step by step guide on how to create a wreath out of your poppies. You can do this using a glue gun, but if preferred, you could do this as an embroidery method.


  • A twig wreath base
  • Loose knitted or crochet poppies
  • Stick It Hot Melt Cordless Glue Gun (Includes 3 Glue Sticks)
  • Craft wire

The very first step for this project is to knit or crochet the remembrance poppies. These couldn't be quicker or easier to make, so whether you put a couple on your wreath or completely cover it – it won't take long to achieve.

Remembrance poppy patterns

How to make a rememberance poppy wreath


step 1

Arrange the poppy where you would like it to sit on the wreath, ideally positioning the leaf at 11 o'clock and glue into place using the hot glue gun.


step 2

Next, add your 2nd poppy onto the wreath and glue down.


step 3

Add your final poppy if desired and glue down, or continue this step if you would like a wreath full of poppies.


step 4

Take your wire and begin to thread it through the wooden wreath.


step 5

Loop the wire through the wooden wreath and curve back up.


step 6

Adjust the wire through the loop until it's at your desired length. Then twizzle the ends together to allow you to pin it to a door.

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