The new homewares you need in 2021

Published on December 22, 2020 1 min read

2020 saw our homes transform from our chill-out zones to our offices, schools, preschools and many places in between! That’s why we think it’s prime time for a handmade home makeover, with our gorgeous homeware patterns for 2021! 

From funky wall hangings to fun pompom cushions, there are loads of ways you can add a bit of handmade magic into your home. The new Colorful Home collection by Paintbox Yarns is a fantastic place to start. 

Colorful Home collection by Paintbox Yarns

Bold, vibrant, flamboyant… All the words we’d expect to describe the brand new collection of homewares by Paintbox Yarns! The stunning Colorful Home collection is all about making your home that little bit more fabulous. Think brilliantly bright designs on white backgrounds with fun finishes.

Make the new Paintbox Yarns patterns

"Working with colors may be a bit of a challenge if you're choosing to work with the whole rainbow, but it is such fun to see the colors coming together to create an amazing design! I love creating color palettes for my designs, trying different combinations and being experimental" - Ella Burch, Paintbox Yarns designer

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Feeling inspired to jazz up your home? We’ve got heaps more brilliant patterns to brighten up even the darkest corners! 

Marvellous wall hangings

Cool cushions

Brilliant blankets

Beautiful baskets

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