After the frantic festive months, we think it’s time for a little self care! In our inaugural episode of The LoveCrafts Show, Merion and Mr X Stitch chat about wellbeing, getting organized and creating positive energy to take forward into 2020. 

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In this episode we introduce you to our lovely hosts, Merion and Mr X Stitch! We chat about craft as a form of therapy and how to find meditation in making. We discuss how we’re planning to challenge ourselves in the new year to keep creative burnout at bay, and what we’re doing to organize our stash (warning: we’ve got a yarn hoarder in the room!). And after spending so much time making for other people (Christmas sock marathon, anyone?) we think it's about time to make something for yourself! Oh, and maybe a bit of rebellious cross stitch too.

Tips, tricks, advice and a fair amount of silliness, this is The LoveCrafts Show!

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Lots of lovely things we mentioned and extra nuggets!

Get to know Mr X Stitch a little better in this interview

Get to know Merion, or should we say Merino, a little better in this totally hilarious outtakes video.

Cross stitch centers you, it is meditative. Discover five ways to craft more mindfully.  (1:55)

The PC Stitch software to make your own cross stitch patterns. (3:34)

Cross stitch is one of those crafts that has evolved and evolved and evolved, and here we are. Just take a look at the V&A’s collection of needlework samplers to find out more about how learning needlework was an important part of a young girl's education. Today, we have subversive cross stitch culture, and more men turning to crafting. (4:10)

Mr X Stitch gives a TedX talk about how the perception that cross-stitch is just an old lady craft, couldn’t be further from the truth. (5:05)

Find out when and where Mr X Stitch is hosting his next workshop! (7:06)

Find out more about volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital. (8:43)

What’s your longest wip? Learn more about The Unfinishables here. (11:00)

Read more about what Mr X Stitch has to say on embracing the magic of the handmade. (11:39)

Join in on the sock marathon with these free sock patterns! (12:20)

Knitting isn’t all snuggly and coziness, find out more on how wartimes spies used knitting as a tool for espionage! (16:36)

Learn how to knit intarsia with Merino! Ahem, sorry Merion! (16:55)

Discover Leah Emery’s wonderful work here. (17:25)

Find out what Joana Vasconcelos is up to here. (19:05)

Merion saves the day with this handy video on how to fix common knitting mistakes! (22:40) 

Do a bit of stash busting and get your stash under control with these helpful tips! (26:34)