The LoveCrafts Show episode 6: How to be a successful pattern designer with TL Yarn Crafts!

Join Jamie and Merion on The LoveCrafts Show along with an extra special guest, Toni Lipsey AKA TL Yarn Crafts!

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This week Jamie and Merion have been chatting to the woman behind TL Yarn Crafts - Toni Lipsey! Toni reveals how she went from crochet newbie, to creating a craft empire! Merion and Toni chat all things Tunisian crochet, and Uncle X is amazed to discover cross stitch on crochet - woah! This episode is bursting with crafty goodness.

Tips, tricks, advice and a fair amount of silliness, this is The LoveCrafts Show!

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Lots of lovely things we mentioned and extra nuggets!

Meet Toni and discover the designer! (1:20)

Start your crochet journey and learn how to make a granny square! (1:49)

We’ve got loads of video to teach you how to crochet, no excuse now! (3:55)

Discover the craft community with LoveCrafts on Facebook and Instagram  (5:18)

Not sure what the difference between is knitting and crochet? Check out our guide! (9:00)

Unsure which yarn is best for your project? We’ve got a guide for that! (10:18)

Discover Tunisian crochet with us! (23:32)

Check out our guide to cross stitch and stitch along with us (maybe on a bit of Tunisian crochet?) (24:00)

Check out Toni’s absolute guide to Tunisian crochet(31:19)

Join Toni’s CAL! (32:12)

Grab Toni’s best beginner jumper pattern - the Rochester pullover! (52:27)

We love Pinterest too! Check out LoveCrafts and join the community over there. (53:50)