Knit the world's cutest bunny with Emma Friedlander-Collins

Published on April 8, 2019 2 min read

Knitted bunnies are the sweetest thing since sliced carrot cake. Bunny rabbit jumpers, knitted bunny hats, and knitted bunny toys, there’s not many knitting patterns that don’t improve on the adorableness spectrum with the addition of a bunny. With our favorite chocolate egg based holiday just around the corner, you could be knitting your own bunnies to celebrate. We’re delighted to share this bunny knitting tutorial by Emma Friedlander-Collins of Steel and Stitch. So hop to it, and get knitting!

Skills you’ll need:

Casting on

Garter stitch

Casting off

How to make a pom pom

Bunny knitting tutorial, step-by-step:


Cast on 15 stitches. Cast on 15 stitches in Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran on a 5mm needle.


Make a square. Begin knitting rows in garter stitch until you have made a square.

Pro Tip

You can check that you've reached a perfect square by folding one of your bottom corners up diagonally to meet its opposite corner - if the sides match perfectly, you have a square.


Sew up your ends. Cast off all stitches and sew your ends in with a tapestry needle.


Sew a running stitch. Thread your tapestry needle with a long length of the same yarn you used to knit the bunny. Sew a running stitch across the width of the square, slightly higher than half way up.


Form a triangle. Change direction and sew upwards for the first short side of the triangle, working the running stitch up to the mid-point along the cast off edge, and then back down to where you started the first line of stitches. You will then have one long thread that forms a triangle with both edges dangling to the side.


Create the bunny. Gently pull the two threads and the bunny's head and ears will begin to form. Tuck some stuffing into the bunny's head, and pull a little bit more, stuffing as you go, and use your long ends to seam along the top and end to close.


Finish it off with a tail. Add a little pom pom for a tail, and use some black thread to add eyes and nose.


More bunnies! Cast on all over again to make more bunnies!

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