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Learn how to crochet this beautiful bead stitch sweater by KnitcroAddict from start to finish! Perfect for pairing with jeans, or slinging over a dress for instant effortless dress-down style, made by yours truly. All you need to do is gather some simple crochet supplies, pick your fave worsted yarn and follow the steps in our video crochet tutorial, to make your very own!

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make four separate pieces, the front and back panels as well as both sleeves, which will then be stitched together to make your very own brilliant bobbly sweater.

Kntcroaddict bead sweaterKnitcroaddict bead sweater crochet pattern


Worsted yarns we think you'll love!

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Wan from KnitcroAddict

My name is Wan, and I’m the designer behind KnitcroAddict. I’ve been in love with crochet and knitting for most of my adult life, and I’m here to share that love with the online world. I learned to crochet from my mom, originally making crocheted handbags. I quickly became obsessed and began teaching myself everything I could about crochet from every online resource I could find. I hope you all enjoy these projects as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you all! (opens in a new tab)