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Looking for a new crochet craft project? Check out our amazing range of crochet patterns, yarns, hooks and supplies! If you’re looking to learn a new skill, we have lots of crochet tutorials too. We’ve got something for every maker, from the granny-square loving, crochet beginner to the advanced crochet guru. What are you waiting for? Grab your yarn, you’ll be hooked!

Crochet patterns to inspire!

Can’t decide what to crochet next? Explore our incredible selection of crochet patterns to inspire your next craft project.

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How to crochet

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to learn a new stitch, our handy step-by-step tutorials will help you to master the basics of crochet in no time.

Learn more crochet skills with these handy step-by-step guides.

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for Crochet Stitches

    A guide to crochet stitches

  • How to crochet for beginners

    How to crochet for beginners

  • Learn to crochet a beanie

    Learn to crochet a beanie

Stash essential crochet yarns

Check out our gorgeous range of crochet yarns. We have all your favorite colors, fibers and brands, including Paintbox, Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Stylecraft, King Cole and Sirdar. What are you waiting for? Time to stock up that stash!

  • Wool Knitting and Crochet Yarn

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  • Cotton Knitting and Crochet Yarn

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Crochet supplies for your craft room

Get hooked on our fabulous crochet essentials. We have it all - crochet hooks & needles, stitch markers and pom-pom makers. Everything you could possibly need to get crafting.

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