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The humble Slake Moth is possibly one of the most unsettlingly horrifying characters that ever crawled menacingly from the pages of a book. In this case [China Mieville][1]'s Perdido Street Station. They feed on people's dreams, they excrete nightmare-making invisible poo, and they leave their victims drooling hunks of human vegetable.

"The thing made its body thin and
spread those colossal wings, massive
flat folds of stiff skin that seemed
to fill the hall. They were irregular,
chaotic in shape, random fluid whorls;
but mirror-perfect left and right,
like spilt ink or paint patterns on
folded paper."

Perdido Street Station

So what would make a more perfect tribute to Mr Mieville's monsters than to immortalise them in lovely squishy yarn, I ask you?

I was invited to take part in [The Kitschies Steampunk Party][2] by the squid-worshipping Pornokitsch team.

For the event I conjured up a Stitched a Mini Slake Moth pattern for a mini workshop

Independent Designer
Deadly Knitshade
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30cm pipecleaner and 2 googly eyes
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