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The autumn has most definitely settled in. Grass, bushes and trees are changing from summer’s green to the season’s vivid colors, and some of the leaves are already slipping off the branches, drifting gently on the wind. The year is turning towards winter, and soon enough the blazing shades will turn to sere yellow and brown, and wintry greys and white.

I found inspiration for this scarf in the Reckoning of Rivendell, which is the calendar of the Rivendell Elves in J R R Tolkien’s legendarium. Quellë was the Quenya name for “fading”, or late autumn; it was the fourth of the six “seasons” in the Reckoning of Rivendell. It was also called Lasse-lanta or “leaf-fall”. Quellë corresponded to the 54 days between modern 8 October and 30 November. In Sindarin, Quellë was called Firith and Lasse-lanta was called Narbeleth (which meant “sun-waning”)

This scarf was created using Viking Nordlys yarn, but can be used for any fingering weight yarn. I would suggest that
Independent Designer
Gry Heidi Nordhagen
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