52 Pickup

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52 Pickup
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From the pattern: I consider this sort of a “Magnum Opus” in double-knitting. On the surface it’s just a scarf, but it is knit from 54 charts including 53 two-pattern playing cards -- one of every value and suit, and one Joker. Each card is charted four times -- face-up and face-down, right side up and upside down. You can choose to follow the schematic I laid out, or lay out the cards in any order you choose. 52 Pickup is a sort of American children’s prank, a game where one child throws an entire deck up in the air so the cards fall willy-nilly all over the room. The hapless victim of the prank must then pick up all the cards. This “game” is probably single-handedly responsible for the majority of incomplete card decks in American households with children. I gather a similar “game” is played in Germany, although they have only 32 cards in a standard deck there.
Alasdair Post-Quinn
Downloadable PDF
There are 96 pages of charts, but you only need about 1/4 of them for a given scarf. Never fear!
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