The LoveCrafts Show episode 4: Spring cleaning & stress relief

We're back! That's right, it's The Love Crafts Show with a new episode. Join Jamie and Merion for another crafty chat, grab a cup of tea and some snacks, and settle in!

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On this episode of The LoveCrafts Show spring has sprung! Your good friends Uncle X and Merino are chatting stash hordes and stash busting, finding peace and creativity during uncertain times and answering your would you rather questions!

Tips, tricks, advice and a fair amount of silliness, this is The LoveCrafts Show!

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Lots of lovely things we mentioned and extra nuggets!

Planning a spring clean? Check out these organisation hacks for your stash! (1:15)

Have you got stash hidden all over the house? Try these stash busting projects. (3:09)

Grab your very own LoveCrafts project bag! (4:30)

Get ready for Easter with some spring time projects (8:30)

Explore the Royal School of Needlework. (9:00)

Why not make like Merion and crochet or knit your own shawl! (11:00)

Check out these top 5 free aran jumper knitting patterns for men! (13:50)

Discover the Craft Yarn Council and their lemons. (16:20)

Too stressed to craft? Try these mindful makes to soothe the soul. (18:00)

Stay creative and join our 30 day craft project! (18:30)

Self isolating? Here’s our guide to hunkering down! (21:30)

Discover the difference between knitting and crochet. (36:20)