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The Designer Edit: Knits 'N' Knots

Janine is the woman behind Knits 'N' Knots, as a happy-go-lucky person obsessed with fashion and design, Janine is building a craft empire! Designing size inclusive knit and crochet wear, Janine's patterns are effortlessly chic and on trend, creating perfect handmade wardrobe staples that look beautiful too. Check her out on Instagram for some serious inspiration.

I'm working on 2 sweater patterns for Pride Month (June) that are white circular yokes with a subtle rainbow stripe around the yoke! There is a knit version and a crochet version, both with June releases.
I always get inspired as summer rolls around and the world seems to come back to life. I love following the new fashion trends and seeing new styles popping up - it makes me feel inspired to create new things of my own.
I have so many ideas in my head that are swirling around at all times. To me, self-expression is taking these ideas and translating them into something you can experience.
The one craft supply I can't live without is my garment steamer!

Janine's essential stash must-haves!

My next project is the book I'm writing!

Janine is loving these patterns right now!