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Make dad's day, with this fizzy fun starry 3D POP UP Father's Day card! All you need is a few basic supplies, a cup of tea and an hour free. Download this free template and follow these simple steps with the fabulous Christine Leech!


  • 2 sheets of A4 thin card in strong contrasting colors
  • Thin card scraps for stars
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Card glue
  • Something to score the card with - a proper card scorer or you could use either the tips of scissors or a dried up biro


Download and print the template on to one piece of colored card. 


Cut and score the letters. Cut on the solid lines and score on the dashed ones.


Manipulate the card so the scored lines crease in the same direction and the word DAD stands proud of the card. 


Score the second piece of card through he middle and fold. 


Add glue to the back of the DAD card, carefully line the two cards up along the centre crease and press together. 


You may need to trim the card slightly to remove any overlapping colored card peaking out. 


Use the star template to cut several different colored and sized stars. Glue to the card where appropriate. 


Leave open to dry. 


Once all dry, don't forget to add your own handwritten message!

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