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Pompom Christmas pudding tutorial

Pompom expert Christine Leech from the Sew Yeah blog shows you how to craft an amazing pompom Christmas pudding. This is a great decorative addition to your homemade Christmas decorations!

This lovely little pompom Christmas Pudding is really simple to make – use a mix of brown and black wool to get the perfect curranty mixture or make it simple and just use one color of brown and one color of white for the icing.



step 1

Let's get started. Fill half the pompom maker with a mix of the browns and black wool.


step 2

Next. Fill the other half with a mix of the whites till it is just over half full.


step 3

Fill it on up! Then fill the rest with the Brown and black mix till the maker is full.


step 4

Cut it. Cut the pompom open.


step 5

Add a twinkle. Use a 30cm length of gold yarn to tie the pompom together around the middle.


step 6

Trim it. Trim the pompom put till it is nice and pudding shape.


step 7

Time to make mini. Make a small pompom using the red wool, trim till neat and round. Thread one or two red jingle bells onto the pompom tails.


step 8

Start to put it together. Place the red pom on top of the pud, thread one of the tails onto a needle and then push it through the middle of the pudding till it comes out the other side.


step 9

Repeat and add leaves! Repeat with the other tail then tie the two tails together at the base of the pudding and trim away the excess wool (the knot should disappear into the pud).

Cut two small leaves from the green felt – use pinking shears if you have them to give a jagged edge. Pinch the leaves together at the base and sew together.


step 10

Glue it! Finally either glue or sew the leaves in place.

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