What’s not to love about mermaids and unicorns? They’re mystical, magical and totally fantastical – and that’s why we love to make them! From homeware and garments to stuffed toys and accessories – we’ve explored the treasure trove of LoveCrafts inspiration to bring you the ultimate round-up of our favourite unicorns and mermaid patterns. 

Give kids’ wardrobes a magical makeover

What could be better than prancing around dressed as a mystical creature? We can’t think of anything! Kids will love these colorful additions that are more cool than costume.

Cozy up in style

Snuggle up on the sofa, put on your favourite fantasy films and get cozy under one of these magical blankets.

Make toys kids will treasure forever

Kids are sure to adore these super cute little stuffed toys of their favourite mystical creature.

Bring the magic home

Give your home a sprinkle of fairy dust and get set to let the magic in with these beautiful makes!

Stitch fabulous unicorns and mermaids

Whether you stitch these gorgeous designs in a hoop and hang them on the wall or give an old denim jacket a new lease of life, the results are sure to be magical with these stunning stitch designs!

Crochet awesome accessories

You don’t have to go all out to inject a little bit of colorful magic into your life! We can’t get enough of this fun unicorn headphone wrap, and the Kawaii unicorn bag is so cute!

Can’t decide? This blanket ticks all the boxes

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