Meet The New Craft House girls

Published on September 28, 2018 2 min read

Meet Hannah & Rosie, the two lovely founders of The New Craft House. Their motto is simple - to bring "old crafts for the new generation". Head to their studio on Broadway Market, East London and that's exactly what you'll find. Their workshops take traditional sewing techniques and show you how to recreate your favourite garment, fashion stylish bras and sew gym-envy activewear. It's a space for aspiring crafters and experienced sewists to share their ideas, learn new techniques and gain the confidence to live a more crafty, handmade lifestyle. Plus the whole space is totally instagram worthy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started The New Craft House?

Our names are Hannah and Rosie and we’ve been friends since school. We set up a craft blog after we’d both graduated five years ago and had a lot of free time on our hands! We just wanted a place to share all of the craft projects we were getting stuck into. It grew quickly, unexpectedly, and within a year we had started running craft workshops in London and expanding to working with other brands. We now sell a range of craft kits and work full time on the business.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being able to work on something every day that we both love and have complete control of. It’s also nice to be able to call the day off a little early and go and do some crafting!

Not long after you launched your blog, you won the Cosmopolitan Magazine Best Craft Blog Award, was that exciting?

Yes! We couldn’t believe it when we won, they called out our names and we both just kind of stood there in shock. It was really good to be recognised for all the effort and love we put into our blog. We were only six months old at the time too so it spurred us on to think “yep, we can do this!”.

What is your favourite way to connect with other craft lovers?

Instagram has an amazing community of crafters. If you find the right hashtags for each craft you’ll find an amazing wealth of inspiration on there. Some of the things you see are mind boggling! We love how the internet has opened up skill sharing, it’s so easy to learn new techniques and be inspired by people from right across the globe.

We really want to try our hand at some more advanced sewing skills, can you teach us?

Yes! We run lots of workshops from our craft workshop in London. Need to update your winter wardrobe? We have class for that! If you want to try your hand at pattern cutting - we can show you that too. One of our most popular classes right now is our bra making class - come and give it a go!

Looking for more inspiration from the lovely New Craft House duo? You can follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, or head to their website for their latest workshops.

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