Textured stitches are such fun to knit, especially when they are as simple as the waffle stitch! Once you have mastered how to knit the basic knit stitch and how to purl, combine your knit and purls in a simple repeat to create this gorgeous, squishy warmth trapping hero stitch with our easy to follow video.

Get waffling!

You can use any weight yarn for waffle stitch, and it's particularly squishy in heavier yarns like a chunky soft merino wool where the stitches are really plump. This combination of knit and purl makes great sweaters, super warm scarves and cute cowls - you can use it for just about anything and it's reversible, so it works very well for blankets too!

Make baby blankets or big chunky sofa throws - it's up to you - the stitch repeat is 3+1, and you can adapt this for any size project.

Waffle stitch cardigan

How to waffle stitch


Waffle stitch has a four row repeat. Keep repeating the four rows until the work is the desired length.

Cast on a multiple of 3 + 1 stitches.

Row 1 - K1, P2 repeat to last st, K1


Row 2 - P1, K2 repeat to last st, P1


Row 3 - Knit to end


Row 4 - Purl to end

Try the waffle stitch with these fab patterns

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